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Annuities: What was old is new again

Learn about the new opportunities with annuities. Presentation for CARP members and their friends by Steve Cox, CFP. Past CARP Board Member.

People’s Parade for Life on Earth

CARP NS Environment Advocacy Committee vice-chair Dale Smith led CARP’s contingent in The People’s Parade for Life on Earth. Dozens

Note the special offer for CARP members anywhere in Canada. The “introductory offer” for CARP members this month is: Build

Volunteer Leadership Symposium

After a three year hiatus due to COVID-19 Kings Volunteer Resource Centre will once again be hosting a symposium focused

Moving Seniors Safely

Following is a recording of the recent Moving Seniors Safely Webinar Moving Seniors Safely: To watch a replay of this recording:

When supports are in place, older adults can live safely at home, enjoy their life in familiar surroundings, and find