Plein Air: A Brush with Nature

For the 3rd year in a row, Atlantic artists have come out in support of the Blue Mountain Birch Cove Lakes wilderness area. Some parts of this beautiful region are now protected, and the goal is to have this urban wilderness designated as parkland and preserved for future generations.

This group of intrepid artists journeyed into the BMBCL wilderness this year to produce a stunning display: Joy Laking, Ron Kuwahara, Sunetra Ekanayake, Don Pentz, Geoffrey Grantham, Sandy Komst, Susan Paterson, Carolyn Vienneau and Marci Kingsland.

Their unique visions of the BMBCL wilderness will be on display at the Keshen Goodman Library for the month of November.

The public exhibit formally opened Nov 2nd with an event from 3 PM to 4 PM at:
The Keshen Goodman Library:
330 Lacewood Dr.
Halifax NS

The month-long event is supported by strong community groups;
CARP NS, Friends of BMBCLS, Halifax North-West Trails Association and Nova Scotia Nature Trust.

To contribute more to the Blue Mountain Birch Cove Lakes project:
Become a member of the Friends of Blue Mountain Birch Cove Lakes Society

Put some art into your life this November.
Come out and enjoy the scenery!

Nov 2, opening day, kicked off with James Boyer, co-chair of the CARP NS Environment Committee and main organizer from the Blue Mountain – Birch Cove Lakes Society, Heather Leslie from Halifax North-West Trails Association and the artists setting up the exhibit.

Richard Zurawski, HRM Councilor for the area, gave an opening address asking people to continue encouraging decision makers to preserve this beautiful area. In the audience was Diana Whalen, former MLA, who was a key player in starting the Friends of the Blue Mountain Birch Cove Lakes Society.

Their mission is to support and promote the creation and development of the BMBCL Regional Park and to encourage the stewardship and appropriate use of the area. Nova Scotia Nature Trust has joined CARP NS, HNWTA and Friends of BMBCLS in advocating for this urban wilderness by committing to raise $2.1 M to purchase an important piece of land which will help protect the heart of this beloved area from development and preserve an important connected wildlife corridor and waterway in what will hopefully become a much larger wilderness park.

The highlight of the day and the month is the artists themselves. This rugged landscape attracts those seeking peace and quiet, a place to paint, tranquil contemplation, a challenging hike, a meeting with wildlife. Some of the artists were guided to their painting sites by James, Heather and avid hikers like Wendy McDonald from HNWTA. Joy Laking and Sunetra Ekanayake spoke on behalf of the artists as they emphasized the importance of protecting and appreciating these lands.

Rounding out the exhibitors are Ron Kuwahara and Carolyn Vienneau who were interviewed earlier this week by CTV and Geoffrey Grantham, Sandi Komst, Don Pentz, Gail Sutherland, Susan Paterson and Marci Kingsland.

Left to right: Richard Zurawski, Gail Sutherland, Marci Kingsland, Joy Laking, Diana Whalen, Don Pentz, James Boyer, Sunetra Ekanayake, Wendy McDonald

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